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Why Building a B2B Prospecting List?

What would your business look like if you had good prospect lists on hand? Prospecting is the process of identifying, attracting, and engaging new clients for your products or services. A prospecting list contains the contact information of potential buyers who are interested in or have a need for your product or service. The success of your B2B lead generation campaign is heavily dependent on the quality of your leads; therefore a quality prospecting list is a must. We are focused on helping you make the best use of your time. We can save you time and money by cleaning up old prospect lists while you focus your time and effort on closing sales with qualified leads.

Better Results with Better Data

Every successful cold calling and lead generation strategy starts with a quality sales leads database. Alberta Tech Corporation (ATC) uses a variety of sources, databases, tools and researchers to generate a custom leads list of your target client profiles. We use manual research and list generation tools to compile target client lists and contact information based on your specific criteria. All of our marketing lists are manually checked to ensure that all criteria were met with the highest quality data.

In addition to sourcing quality sales leads, we also provide data cleansing services. We can enrich your current prospect list to provide phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn links or any other additional contact information you require. Our team of expert researchers can also source unique or more specific b2b contacts that are harder to find using traditional methods.

Data Points for Outreach Campaign

We source the correct data for your program using industry (NAICS/SIC codes), technographics, geography, revenue, employee data, titles and dozens of other criteria. Here are the data points we can generate for you:

1: Company 

2: Name

3: Title

4: Phone Number

5: Email

6: LinkedIn Profile

7: Website

High Quality B2B Sales Leads:

We Source Cold Calling List Using Various Criteria

1: Target Client Profiles

2: Public, Private or Government Funded

3: Titles of Target Contacts

4: Geographical Locations

5: Industry or SIC code

6: Employee Size

7: Annual Sales Volume

8: Specific Target Companies


Consistent Accuracy

No matter which forms of marketing you employ to reach prospects, having current data will help with delivery and contact rates. While you can verify and append data through third parties who update their records electronically, the best way to capture the most current and accurate data is by telephone. We reach contacts and replace incorrect data with new and accurate information including names, titles, phone numbers, and email addresses.

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